Our Team

Roy Thayer

With a knack for storytelling, Roy founded Zippy Byte about 2 years ago. Covering substantial topics under the US section, he helps information seep in deeper with creative writing and content management skills.

Joseph Howland
Writer (Business)

A vernacular business entrepreneur, Joseph initiated his startup from scratch with experience serving various well-known firms. He loves writing and devotes his spare time writing business news for Zippy Byte.

Wilfred Lacy
Writer (Tech)

Wilfred is a name that comes with an epic description for technology geek. He loves decoding things that are new in the technological advancement sector. He has been contributing interesting news from technology section.

Deborah Ertel
Writer (Health/Science)

After being a professional journalist for 5 years and understanding the ups and downs of health care sector all over the world, Deborah shifted her focus to the digital world. Today, she works as a contributor for Zippy Byte with a knack for covering Health & Science news in the best possible format.