7 Staples a Former Nordstrom Buyer Thinks Are Ageless



We’re always down to learn more about Susie Wright’s sartorial journey. After all, she has a strong fashion resume as a former Nordstrom buyer, current stylist, and influencer behind So Susie. She also has inspiring personal style. She recently highlighted some of the items she added to her wardrobe to give her closet a makeover. We also thought there could be interest in gaining further insight into the specific trends she’s wearing now and will continue turning to for the next decade.

The pieces in question are staples for Wright because they’re timeless and incredibly versatile. “I’ve been wearing versions of all these things for decades (in new ways of course), and will continue to wear for years,” she said.

Keep scrolling to check out the trends Wright swears by. You may already have some of the looks in your wardrobe. If not, you might want to consider some given their chic nature.


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