Privacy Policy

Rules for Privacy

We warmly welcome all of our valuable visitors at We are well aware that when conducting business online, people visiting our webpage would have serious concerns about their confidentiality. This statement sets forth our privacy practices for every website visitor who uses Zippy Byte’s different services without signing up for an account or engaging in a commercial transaction.

“Personally Identifiable Information”

This refers to any statement, information, or piece of proof that can be used to identify, communicate with, or locate the person of the claim, comprising First name, Last Name, addresses, contact information, mailing addresses, financial records, the social security numbers, and payment information. Private details that can be used to identify an individual should not include demographic details or data that was obtained secretly (i.e., without the genuine user’s identity).

What information is obtained that can be used to identify a specific person?

All visitors to our website can provide us with basic information about their user profiles.

The usernames, links, contact details, addresses, and phone numbers of our authorized customers; business type and framework; and the type and quantity of the inventories of advertising messages that the authorized customer chooses to buy or trade are all detailed information that is provided to us by our authenticated clients.

What businesses are collecting the data?

This information will be added to the data we currently have and will come from third-party service providers (such as banks, financial firms, and credit card companies) that could offer services like loans, health insurance, and escrow. We might not constantly monitor how these third parties use this information. However, we ask that businesses make clear how they are using the personal information that users and authorized customers have given them. Any of these third parties may serve as mediators, operating just as transport links and not holding, maintaining, or using the information they collect.

How does the Site make use of publicly identifiable information?

To build the Website, work with the right service providers, and fulfill orders placed on the Website, we use personally identifiable data. Visitors and registered customers will receive emails containing information on assessment and evaluation, the purchase and sale of website prospects, or material relating to the website’s specific subject. Additionally, we may be using personally identifying information to contact readers and registered users to react to questions or send vital information.

Who else would the data be supplied to?

To negotiate prospective agreements with other identified users, the personally identifiable information of current members may well be exchanged with other authorized customers. To comply with legal responsibilities, we may transmit collected data about our users to our connected organizations and third-party partners, including their demographic information and a list of permitted clients. Additionally, we offer the choice to “relinquish” receiving correspondence or phone calls from us or any other organization working on our behalf.

How are personally identifiable records kept?

Except for the abovementioned purposes, Zippy Byte maintains strong confidentiality over all Personally Identifiable Information it collects. The records are not accessible to either its employees or outside parties.

What choices do visitors have about the gathering, storing, and sharing of information?

Visitors and approved clients can decide not to receive undesired information from us, our suppliers, or related organizations by responding to communications as advised or contacting us.


A cookie is a string of data that a website maintains on a visitor’s device and that the visitor’s browsers send back to the site each time they access it.

Does the Site Use Cookies?

Cookies are used for many different purposes. We make use of cookies to discover more about the products and services that our consumers choose. Furthermore, we use cookies to protect the privacy of our registered users. For instance, if a Verified Customer is signed in and the Site isn’t used for longer than 10 minutes, the Qualified Consumer will be automatically terminated.

Visitors who do not desire cookies installed on their machines before accessing https://Zippy can set their browsers to reject cookies. Nevertheless, certain website functions might not function as intended without any such cookie activation.

Our technology partners utilize the following types of cookies:

Anytime users browse our site, cookies from different service providers may be downloaded to their computers or other devices. You may get more information about the cookies being used in our Cookies Info section.

How does Zippy Byte make use of log-in information?

To administer the Website, evaluate patterns, monitor user behavior, and identify trends, Zippy Byte collects massive amounts of demographic information from sources such as internet protocol addresses, service providers, and browser inputs.

What affiliates or service providers get accessibility to the personally identifying information on the website of users and authorized clients?

Zippy Byte is still involved in collaborations and other relationships with a range of retailers. Our privacy policy does not cover how this data is used or stored. Respect the law by disclosing data or information that can be used to identify a person. In reaction to a judicial order, a search warrant, or a request for data from a criminal control organization, we might reveal personally identifiable data. We may also share specifically identifiable data when necessary to safeguard the privacy of our customers and approved partners.

How is personally identifiable information protected on the website?

Everyone on staff adheres to the same security protocols. We restrict access to the Personally-Identifying Information we collect from Users and Registered Customers to a small number of competent employees who have been given logins. We evaluate our privacy practices and policies on a routine basis. Cryptographic techniques are employed to protect personal information like banking details or personal data when data is transmitted over the Web. Although we take precautionary steps to ensure a secure webpage, think about the fact that machines and communications systems are subject to errors, exploitation, and intrusion. We cannot pledge or guarantee that specific events won’t occur, and we are not responsible for them for users or authorized consumers.

How are errors in users’ personally identifiable information corrected?

To update or rectify any personally identifying information about themselves, visitors as well as other registered consumers may contact us at [email protected].

Can the Individuals deactivate or delete any personally identifiable information the website may have about them?

Users and approved customers can contact them and ask for the deletion or deactivation of their personally identifiable information from the Site’s systems. It may be difficult to erase a person’s registration completely without maintaining any residual information because of archives and deletion requests. The people whose personally identifiable information is requested to be disabled will successfully have that information removed. We have no intention of selling, transferring, or using that user’s personally identifiable data.

Your Rights

You have a number of rights under the laws governing private information.

  • The freedom to obtain;
  • The opportunity to access; 
  • The liberty to be corrected; 
  • The right to delete; 
  • The option to limit execution; 
  • The right to refuse to process;
  • The freedom to transfer data; 
  • The right to get a report.
  • The right to revoke consent

What happens if the privacy statement is changed?

Any time we make changes to our privacy statement, we’ll let our clients and website visitors know by putting those updates on the website. But consider if we changed our privacy policy to preclude the publication of Personally Identifiable Information that a User or Approved Client has previously requested. To avoid any vulnerability on their behalf, we will get in contact with the Customer or Authorized Clients in that case.


On the website https://Zippy, there are many links to specific other web pages. Please keep in mind that a few of those hyperlinks will go to websites when you click on them. Since some sites’ privacy policies can vary from ours, we highly recommend readers review theirs as well.