A Man Has Been Arrested After Rushing Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin Lying in State


A man decided to skip the line and rush Queen Elizabeth II‘s coffin lying in state.

According to multiple reports, the unnamed man was arrested on Friday (September 16) inside Westminster Hall after he not only rushed to the coffin, but also lift the Royal Standard, the official flag of the sovereign.

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Eyewitness reports say that in his rush, the man injured a young girl before he grabbed a hold of the coffin.

The Metropolitan Police and security personnel then tackled him to the floor, and many onlookers were stunned in disbelief. Many of them have been in line for quite some time to pay their respect for Her Majesty.

In the official statement from police, obtained by ITV News, it stated that the man was “arrested for an offence under the Public Order Act and is currently in custody.”

Another eyewitness described the incident to the Daily Mail.

“We saw him in the queue from the beginning of the queue and throughout the day. He was by himself,” they said. “When we entered the room we were at the top of the stairs when we saw the incident. A lady screamed as it happened. It was quite unnerving.”

If you missed the pictures, you can see all four of Queen Elizabeth‘s children standing vigil at her coffin.

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