Are SpaceX and Apple Working Together for the New iPhone 14 Satellite Feature?


In response to a Twitter user suggesting Apple and SpaceX partner up for the new iPhone 14’s emergency SOS feature, Elon Musk wrote that SpaceX has had some “promising conversations” with Apple, writing that the “iPhone team is obv super smart.”

The iPhone 14’s emergency SOS feature will use satellites to allow users to send emergency messages even if they are outside of the range of WiFi and cellular coverage.

Users will be asked a series of questions to assess their situation, and then the iPhone will inform them how to connect to a satellite. The feature will be available to iPhone 14 users in the U.S. and Canada starting in November.

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It’s unclear just how “promising” the conversations between SpaceX and Apple are given a recent filing that satellite communications firm GlobalStar will be partnering with Apple for the new emergency SOS feature. Apple has agreed to pay 95% of the costs necessary to implement the service.

Still, a SpaceX and Apple collab isn’t totally off the table. In the meantime, SpaceX has partnered with T-Mobile to eliminate dead zones in rural areas. The beta phase is set to begin early next year.

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