Cardi B Made Her Final Court Appearance With the Longest Nails Imaginable – See Photo


Grammy award-winning rapper Cardi B is set to serve 15 days of community service after her final court appearance at the Queens County Criminal Court. On Thursday, September 15, the hearing was followed by an Instagram post. Reflective on the day’s events, she captioned the post, “Everyday the sun won’t shine, but that’s why I love tomorrow.”

During her day spent at the Queens courthouse, we couldn’t help but notice her very glamorous mystique. Cardi, known to pop out with extravagant manicures and colorful hairstyles, went for more of a suave look (as one usually does for a court appointment). She wore long, French-manicured acrylic tips and flaunted them all throughout her feed. Her nails were square-shaped with a V-shaped base on her pinkish-nude nails. As for the white, French signature detail, her manicurist made sure to deeply follow the edge of her nail shape down to her fingertips, framing that V-shaped base. 

Along with her fresh manicure, Cardi opted for a rosy, auburn, blown-out wig. Her hair was deeply side-parted and her edges were laid all throughout the hairline. She wore tinted sunglasses the exact same color as the wig.



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