Cardi B Revealed That She Got Both of Her Kids’ Names Tattooed On Her – See Video


Once a tattoo idea pops into your head, chances are you won’t stop thinking about it until you follow through with it. And after much speculation (and, of course, evidence from the internet), Cardi B has finally followed through with some very anticipated ink she’d been thinking about herself

Back on August 14, tattoo artist, Robinson De Los Santos shared the first looks of Cardi’s face tattoo in action. Although the final product of her fresh red ink was still unclear at the time, on September 10, the rapper and mother of two went on Instagram Live to announce the intimate details behind her new face tattoo and arm tattoo

With her Shirley Temple-inspired ducks nails brushing through her pin-straight hair, she began the Instagram live with candid Cardi mannerisms and gave the first official look of her son’s name, Wave, in red cursive. “I tatted my son’s name because I love him,” she mentioned. In the live video clip, she added, “and I tatted my daughter’s name, see that?” Cardi displayed her arm tattoo, the name of her daughter, Kulture.

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