How to Choose an Easy Walk Harness – Dogster


Choosing an easy-walk harness for your dog requires you to look at your dog’s current training needs, age, level of pulling and size as well as your budget. The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is one of the most popular ranging in price from $20 to $30. It is available in most pet supply stores, brick and mortar and online, as well as the Petsafe website.

What is an Easy Walk Harness?

An Easy Walk Harness’ most prominent feature is that the dog’s leash is clipped to the front of him. The advertisement of being a “no-pull dog harness,” which an Easy Walk Harness is, is often the main reason a dog owner is drawn toward this style. Trainers, who use positive re-enforcement techniques, will often choose them over prong, shock or slip collars, because of the ability to easily and safely refocus and control the dog without the risk of harming the dog physically or mentally.

Although people tend to refer to any no-pull harness as an easy walk harness, they aren’t. Easy Walk Harness is a brand name, much like Kleenex is a brand name for tissue. The Petsafe Easy Walk Harness was developed by a veterinary behaviorist in 2004. It is a simple looking harness with a strap that fits around the girth of your dog’s chest behind his front legs and a second strap that loops from the original around the front of your dog’s chest in front of his front legs sitting near the top of his breastbone. The area to clip the leash is on this front strap and is secured to a loop that mirrors that found in a martingale collar. If the leash pulls, the loop pulls out bringing the two sides of the strap together making it tighter.