How to Make a Dog Throw Up – Dogster


Dogs can be both curious and naughty, resulting in them inadvertently ingesting something that can make them sick and even be life-threatening. A quick reaction — making your dog throw up — matters. But how true is the rumor that making a dog throw up with hydrogen peroxide or baking soda is safe? We’ll show you how and when to safely induce your pooch to vomit.

When to make your dog throw up

Despite properly dog-proofing a home, a dog can still get into trouble by ingesting something poisonous that needs to get out of his system as soon as possible.

In a pinch, 3% hydrogen peroxide to make a dog throw up is safe to use at home if you follow some basic guidelines and your vet’s advice. Depending on your dog’s size, you’ll need a teaspoon, tablespoon and syringe, or all three. ©Melissa L Kauffman

These household items could make your dog sick: