How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People – Dogster


Does your dog get excited and jump on you and other people? Dogs jumping up on guests is a very common – and frustrating – behavior. Dogs jump on you to get attention and to try and greet you face to face. When dogs jump up, they get the attention they seek, making it very easy to accidentally reward the jumping by pushing the dog down or talking to the dog. With consistent training it is possible to teach your dog to stop jumping on you or your guests.

Why do dogs jump on you?

Although we might find it rude for dogs to jump on us or our guests, this is actually a very common and natural behavior for our dogs. Even dogs who have basic obedience training may struggle to control the impulse to jump up on you. Dogs greet each other face to face, and this can contribute to dogs attempting to greet us the same way, which usually involves jumping up. Although your dog is likely just trying to say hello, a dog jumping up can make a mess of your work clothes or, especially with large breed dogs, can accidentally cause someone to lose his balance and fall over.

When dogs jump on you or your guests, they are looking for attention and engagement. And the engagement they get, even though we might see it as negative by asking them to get off or pushing them off, can feel like play or positive attention for dogs. As a result, while you might feel frustrated your dog has been jumping, he doesn’t understand you want that behavior to stop. In fact, you may accidentally have rewarded the jumping. Dog training can help you curb your dog’s natural curious and social tendencies that result in the jumping behavior and give your dog something else to do instead of jumping.