The History of How Florida Water Became More Than Just Bodega Cologne


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The Many Uses of Florida Water

Similar to Vaseline or Dr. Bronner’s, Murray & Lanman Florida Water is a multi-use product. In barber shops, you may get a splash of the stuff on your neck as an aftershave to close pores. “Its mildly astringent action helps soothe skin abrasions caused by shaving,” says Spinnato, who also notes that its astringent qualities could make it a good substitute for toner if there’s none around.

It is somewhere around 81 percent alcohol, as co-owner Sandy Miller, who inherited the company from her family, explains to Allure. With this in mind, as with any beauty product, “one should always do a patch test on their skin to make sure it is not too strong for them,” advises Spinnato. Test on a sensitive part of your skin to really get a sense of whether or not the product may cause irritation — the inside of your wrist is a great location. 

Eighty-one percent is a lot of alcohol. New Jersey-based cosmetic chemist Ginger King notes that a formula like this could be drying to the skin. Plus, the addition of artificial dyes could be potentially irritating, especially if you are acne-prone. That said, its high alcohol content makes it a contender for hand sanitzer. The CDC recommends using something with at least a 60 percent base.

Who Is Using Florida Water?

While anyone can use Florida Water, the product has enjoyed quite a bit of popularity within certain communities throughout the Americas. “Our markets are pretty consistent: Miami — South Florida, New York — The Bronx, and Houston,” Luc Miller, husband of Sandy Miller tells Allure. Sandy notes that you can also find the product in Dubai, parts of Africa, China, and more.

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