Apple iPhone 14 passes durability test with top marks


The iPhone 14 is finally in the hands of users and Zach aka JerryRigEverything is here to test its durability with his usual set of tests including scratching, burning and bending. The design of the 14 is mostly carried over from last year’s iPhone 13 with a handful of improvements being under the hood. One key hardware difference is that Apple now makes the back glass easier to remove and repair costs are significantly lower.

As usual, the durability tests starts with a screen scratch test which reveals minor scratches at level 6 on Mohs hardness scale and deeper grooves at level 7. The aluminum sides handle several sharp encounters with a blade which reveal its actual colors on this Midnight Black colored review unit. The back cameras on the iPhone 14 are listed as having sapphire crystal lens covers though the scratch test reveals that’s not the case as marks begin to appear at level 6.

The prolonged screen burn-in test results in several dead pixels that do not recover which is to be expected. The bend test is reserved for last and the iPhone 14 does not show any signs of flexing under pressure.

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